Preparation for a visit by the Rwandan ambassador to the Netherlands

Rwanda ambassador to the Netherlands

The Precious You Netherlands Foundation is preparing to receive the Rwandan
ambassador to the Netherlands. He supports
namely the Precious You foundation that is active in Rwanda. It seemed to us
therefore appropriate to challenge the Rwandan ambassador to the Netherlands
to talk to him about our foundation. We hope this
visit will be of great importance in facilitating the activities
from our Precious You foundation.
Activity day Precious Rwanda Foundation
On October 5, 2021, Precious You
Rwanda organized an activity day
for the homeless, drug addicts, and their
children. Precious You invited them to
come for various activities, which
the Precious You office took place

These activities involved cleaning, such as the office, the square was swept, the windows were cleaned, doors were cleaned and clothes were washed. The activities were divided and work was done in groups. For example, there was a group that washed, peeled, and cut fruit to give to the children. There was a group that took care of the hairstyles, which involved braiding and cutting hair. The kids have played together in the square Precious You is an organization dedicated to addicted girls and young women, as well as their children, who lead a street life in Rwanda. From the Netherlands, we support the Precious You foundation in Rwanda that provides a new life by offering these girls shelter, recovery, and reintegration into society. Our mission is to support the Precious You foundation in Rwanda together with our local partners in Rwanda and actors from relevant sectors. All of this with the aim of taking responsibility for shaping a decent life for this target group in Rwanda by creating hope and opportunities for a better future.

Precious You maintained conversations during the activities with these homeless, addicted girls and their children. They express themselves in their way of street life. The kids talked about their current problems and what they hope for in their future life, like the boy in the picture on the right indicates that one day he hopes to become a doctor. It was a nice day for them. After the activities, Precious You Foundation has a nice meal for them prepared. It was a great and fun day. They hope to do this again soon. on being together this way means a lot to them. It also assures them that they and their children will be fed at the end of the day. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

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