Let's build a world where all girls are strong, safe and valued. We care for our precious homeless and addicted street girls in Rwanda.

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Precious You has received the Certificate of Legal Personality! This document is issued by a government or regulatory agency that officially recognizes an organization as a legal entity. This certificate confirms the legal existence of the organization as a separate entity from its owners or members.

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Program visit ambassador to Rwanda

August 2022

The young women attending the sewing class are still very motivated, having found hope that their lives will change. The classes take place (for seven months) every afternoon of the week at school. Precious You has arranged for the girls to attend this training….
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July 2022

Currently, Precious You Rwanda is facilitating the training of five young women from the target group the foundation is working for. This means that for a period of seven months they will be trained as tailors from Monday to Friday from 1pm to 5pm. Patrick, our local coordinator in Kigali Rwanda, considers it his daily task to check whether the participants in this training take seriously this unique opportunity to start finding a job. He reports to us that the participants are very committed by the opportunity they are given and see it as a special gift.
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June 2022

During this month of June, classes continued at the school. The president of Precious You Rwanda, Patrick, visits regularly to check on the girls’ attendance at school. To know how the girls behave at school, he engages in a conversation with their teacher. In addition, he also often organizes a conversation with the girls and listens attentively to them. Thus, he gives them advice and encourages them. This way they stay motivated and hope to improve their lives in this way.
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May 2022

Pastor Edouard, who is part of Precious You Netherlands, went to Rwanda for ecclesiastical reasons to Rwanda, but in addition he also immediately visited Precious You Rwanda. We asked him to also visit the target group of Precious You and the chairman of Precious You Rwanda on this occasion. On May 23, he went with Patrick, the president of Precious You Rwanda, to visit the homeless girls at the training site.
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April 2022

Normally every month, Precious You Rwanda Foundation invites the homeless girls to come to the office to talk to them and give them a package of food and hygiene items. This time, Precious You Rwanda decided to pay for an education for them starting in the month of April that will help them earn a living.
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March 2022

This month Precious You Rwanda has been busy making as many contacts as possible with different people and organizations in Rwanda with the goal of working together. Many representatives of different organizations met to exchange ideas and share experiences. Patrick, president of Precious You Rwanda also participated in this meeting.
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February 2022

During this month of February, Precious You Rwanda invited homeless girls and their children to come to the office. This is done every month. Patrick, the president of Precious You Rwanda, then engages in conversations with the young women during the visit.
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January 2022

During this month of January, Precious You Rwanda invited homeless girls and their children to come to the office. This with the intention of talking to them and giving them some food and hygiene items.
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December 2021

Precious You Rwanda celebrates the holidays with homeless girls and their children! 
Thank you so much for your support!
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November 2021

On November 3, Precious You Rwanda visited homeless and addicted girls at the places where they stay overnight. Patrick, the president of Precious You Rwanda, tells us what he saw. ‘These girls live in extremely difficult conditions. 
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October 2021

Precious You Foundation Netherlands is preparing to welcome the Rwandan ambassador to the Netherlands. This is because he supports the Precious You Foundation which is active in Rwanda.
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September 2021

During this month of September, we continued to expand our contacts with different people as much as possible to publicize the purpose of our foundation. This is one of the most important roles we have to play as the support foundation of the Precious You Foundation in Rwanda. Contact with people is an excellent opportunity to express our projects, our vision and our mission.                                             
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August 2021

The measures taken to reduce cases of infection and deaths from covid-19 have drastic consequences for the street girls. The containment measures have serious consequences not only for the homeless girls but also for their children.
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July 2021

On July 9, 2021, Precious You Foundation visited homeless, drug-addicted girls in Rwanda. This was very important and needed. Especially now in this pandemic where everyone is affected, including these street girls. The effect of this pandemic can be seen all over the world. 
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June 2021

recious You is an organization dedicated to helping addicted girls and young women, as well as their children, who live a street life in Rwanda. From the Netherlands we work with the Precious You foundation in Rwanda which provides a new existence by offering these girls shelter, recovery and reintegration into society.
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