Partnering to raise awareness for the conditions of homeless
and addicted girls, as well as their children, who live a street-life in Rwanda

Our vision

We raise awareness of the situation of homeless and mostly addicted girls and young women as well as their children who live a street life in Rwanda. We support the Precious You Foundation in Rwanda that provides new existence by offering shelter, recovery and reintegration into society to these girls.

Our Mission

To support the Precious You Foundation in Rwanda, together with our local partners in Rwanda and actors from relevant sectors, connects people worldwide. This all with the objective to take responsibility for shaping a decent life for mostly addicted girls and young women in Rwanda by creating hope and opportunities for a better future.


We find & fund

We build a network by establishing a connection between friends, donors and sponsors from different places and background in order to realize the aforementioned vision of helping homeless street girls.

We provide care

The Precious You Foundation in Rwanda provides assistance and education to the homeless and addicted girls in Rwanda by providing them emergency aid and shelter for a successful rehabilitation and reintegration into society.



We consult our partners, donors and sponsors in order to get their involvement and support and keep them updated on the situation of the street-girls.


Lyduine Manirambona


Musafiri Nganire


Jean-Pierre R. Mujyambere

Advocacy Director